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Progress at Upminster Junior School

The government’s new progress measures aim to capture the progress that pupils make from the end of key stage 1 to the end of primary school.
They are a type of value added measure, which means that pupils’ results are compared to the actual achievements of other pupils nationally with similar prior (KS1) attainment.

A pupil’s progress score is calculated by working out the difference between their actual key stage 2 outcome and the average key stage 2 outcome for the other pupils nationally, who are in the same prior attainment group.

'Average Progress' for KS2 2018 is a measure of how far above or below the national average scale score for each prior attainment group.

An example for any school:

A child’s prior (KS1) attainment National average KS2 outcome for this group in mathematics The child in this group’s actual key stage 2 outcome. Progress
18 106.3 108 +1.7
19 107.5 106 -1.5
17 105 105 0
  • A school’s progress score, for a subject, is the mean average of all its pupils’ progress scores in that subject.
  • A measure close to zero indicates that the progress of that school is close to average national progress.