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We believe that school uniform helps to promote a sense of belonging to our school community.  It also ensures that pupils are wearing sensible clothes for their learning activities.

We need the support of parents and carers to ensure that our school uniform policy is followed.We would ask that you take particular note of our guidance for footwear and jewellery.

Items with the school logo can be bought from our Marks and Spencer’s online shop or from Havering Schoolwear, Hornchurch Road. We also have an exchange for pre-worn quality items on the UJS Facebook page and the PFA have set up a pre-loved school uniform shop online - Details below:


To access the shop, the you can either;

1.) select it from the drop-down menu at the top of the homepage, or

2.) scroll to the bottom of the homepage and select ‘Uniformd Shop’.

You will then be able to search for ‘Upminster Infant and Junior Schools’ and select your chosen items.

Additionally, if you require name labels, these can be purchased from Stikins Name Labels.

Girls-Summer (Easter to October half term)

  • Dress in pale blue check or navy blue skirt with
  • open-necked blouse (not a collared shirt open at neck)
  • Tailored grey shorts or trousers*
  • White socks
  • Sensible black shoes
  • (No sandals, they are too dangerous in the playground)
  • Optional small hair accessories in the school colours only

*Please note: no leggings or trousers other than plain tailored trousers are permitted (no embroidery or embellishments).

Boys – Summer (Easter to October half term)

  • White shirt (not polo shirt)
  • School tie
  • Tailored grey trousers or shorts
  • Socks (black or grey)
  • Sensible black shoes

Girls – Winter (October half term to Easter)

  • Navy Skirt/Pinafore
  • Grey tailored trousers
  • White shirt
  • School tie
  • Navy blue cardigan or pullover (optional with school logo)
  • White or navy blue socks (no ankle socks) or navy blue or black tights
  • Sensible black shoes
  • Optional navy blue blazer with school badge
  • Optional small hair accessories in the school colours only

Boys – Winter (October half term to Easter)

  • Grey tailored trousers
  • White shirt
  • School tie
  • Navy blue pullover (optional with school logo)
  • Socks (black or grey)
  • Sensible black shoes - no canvas / fashion shoes
  • Optional navy blue blazer with school badge


Long hair should be tied back at all times.  This is so that this does not detract from children's learning, and is out of the way during PE lessons.  Under no circumstances are extreme hairstyles permitted.  We have high standards of presentation, and this includes hairstyles.

School Bags

Years 3 & 4  should use UJS book bags only. Years 5 and 6 may use a UJS book bag or a UJS rucksack.

PE Kit

·         Yellow polo shirt (optional with school logo);

·         Navy blue PE shorts (not cycling shorts)

·         Black plimsolls

·         Navy blue tracksuit (optional jumper with school logo)

·         Black Trainers

We also ask parents / carers to provide an old shirt or PVC apron for Art lessons.


Pupils are not permitted to wear any jewellery items due to the potential safety risk.  The only exception to our no jewellery rule is a sensible watch, but this must be removed for PE.

School Caps

School caps are now available to purchase from our uniform providers.  These are not a compulsory part of our uniform, however, where possible, we would like children to wear these when attending school trips to help identify them as a member of Upminster Junior School.


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