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Welcome from the Headteacher


A edgcombe

Welcome from The Headteacher

Welcome to our school website. You will find all of the key information about the school within these pages. Our hope is that the website will provide a sense of what is important to the school and give you an insight into our approach to learning. You can also keep an eye on what happens daily through our social media links, which you will be able to find on this page.

We believe that by learning and working together, whether it is in the classroom or outside of the school, we can achieve much more than as working as a group of individuals. And so, our school motto extends to all members of our school and the wider community… At Upminster Junior School we believe it is best when we learn and grow together.

We are determined to focus on what really matters. As our Vision statement describes we aim to ‘take children on a journey of discovery and adventure, igniting a passion for learning and exciting the imagination’. By providing a wealth of opportunity and experience the children will go on an enriching journey from the moment they enter Year 3 to the time when they leave at the end of Year 6. You can read more about the experiences that we offer in the Our Curriculum section of the website.

We believe that it is our role to support children in becoming well-rounded individuals and prepare them for whatever the future holds. That’s why we have set out our vision in four key areas:

  • The individual
  • Skills for life
  • The world around us
  • Our community

You can read more about our Vision here.

Miss A Edgcombe BEd (Hons)