Hornchurch Academy Trust

School Development Plan

Before we arrive at our School Development Plan, we evaluate the performance of the school and record our findings on our Self-Evaluation form (SEF). In order to accurately evaluate the school, we take into account a range of information and views from different stakeholders, as listed below:

  • End of year and key stage data
  • Outcomes of book scrutinies and lesson observations by various leaders in the school
  • Pupil surveys
  • Parent surveys
  • Outcomes of audits carried out by external consultants
  • Outcomes of subject audits carried out by subject leaders
  • Quality Assurance feedback from School Improvement Partner
  • Ofsted outcomes
  • Feedback from governors

School Development Plan Priorities 2021-22

Objective 1:  To further support staff to take responsibility for the well-being of themselves and others. 
Objective 2:   To further develop the effectiveness of subject leaders so that progress and outcomes across the curriculum are consistently high.
Objective 3:    To implement and embed the restructured curriculum design in maths to deepen knowledge, understanding and reasoning.
Objective 4:    To develop pupils’ self-awareness and active engagement in their learning
Objective 5:    To further support pupils to take responsibility for the well-being of themselves and others.