Hornchurch Academy Trust

School Development Plan

Before we arrive at our School Development Plan, we evaluate the performance of the school and record our findings on our Self-Evaluation form (SEF). In order to accurately evaluate the school, we take into account a range of information and views from different stakeholders, as listed below:

  • End of year and key stage data
  • Outcomes of book scrutinies and lesson observations by various leaders in the school
  • Pupil surveys
  • Parent surveys
  • Outcomes of audits carried out by external consultants
  • Outcomes of subject audits carried out by subject leaders
  • Quality Assurance feedback from School Improvement Partner
  • Ofsted outcomes
  • Feedback from governors

School Development Plan Priorities 2022-23


1. To ensure that monitoring, evaluating and subject leadership is effective and supports the outcomes of all pupils and curriculum development.

2. To develop SEND provision for those who are working significantly below ARE, including through the development of TAs, to improve pupils' independence.

3. To develop teachers' understanding of pedagogy to enhance learning across the curriculum.

4. To develop a reading for pleasure culture.

5. To develop the Arts curriculum to provide further cultural capital opportunities.

6. To develop children's interests through lunchtime and extra-curricular activities.