Hornchurch Academy Trust

Local Standards Group

What is the role of the Local Standards Group?

  • To monitor the curriculum
  • To have an overview of the quality of teaching and learning, the curriculum,
    inclusion and sharing of good practice across the Academy
  • To monitor the SEND  policy within the Academy and compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act requirements
  • To monitor the Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy for the Academy
  • To monitor the Behaviour Policy for the Academy
  • To review attendance and pupil absences
  • To receive a report on the use and impact of  Sports Premium
  • To monitor the impact of Pupil Premium in the Academy
  • To agree all school specific systems for Health and Safety and risk 
  • To receive regular reports on Health and Safety issues and the security of site, 
    and equipment appropriate to the age of children and school
  • To ensure effective implementation of the data protection policies and procedures
    in the Academy
  • To ensure systems are in place in line with the Academy Trust's approach for effective communication with pupil, parents and carers, staff and wider community

Who are the Local Standards Group members?

  • Julia Pridham
  • Kim Clarke
  • Daniela Davison
  • Alison Edgcombe
  • Anne Gildersleeve
  • Sue Hay

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