Hornchurch Academy Trust

Home Learning

We are very committed to building strong home-school links. We know that education is most effective where there is a positive partnership between home and school. Our aim is that homework, or home-learning, will increase a child’s enjoyment of learning and further their knowledge and understanding.

We are very aware that as parents, it is important that you see on a weekly basis what it is that your child has been learning, so that you are able to provide encouragement, praise and further support where necessary. In this way, we are working in even greater collaboration together. Consequently we have made changes to the homework policy, the main elements are outlined below.

We expect that children will (with support from their parents):

  • Read every day (approx.. 15 minutes)
  • Learn and practise times tables regularly (little and often but approx. 30 minutes per week)
  • Learn and practise spellings and the weekly spelling rule (little and often but approx. 30 minutes per week)
  • Complete the weekly homework tasks which relate to some of the objectives taught throughout the week in Maths and English
  • Complete online activities, e.g. Education City, as they are set
  • Complete half-termly topic based projects

The aim is that the children should be able to work independently when completing the weekly homework tasks, however if your child really is unsure please communicate this to us on the sheet, rather than doing the work for them. Homework will not be marked with the same detail as class based work. We will mark the work together in class to allow any misconceptions to be addressed.

Homework will be sent out on a Friday and must be returned by the following Wednesday. We do expect that all children complete the homework and hand it in on time. Keeping to deadlines is a discipline we are keen to encourage, not only in preparation for secondary school but as a lifelong skill too.